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Plein Air Painting 2021
Comming Soon 2022...
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Location: Maple Flower Farm 

3340 Christian Hill Road, Bethel, VT

Date: August 7th & 8th, 2021
Class Time: 10AM - 4:30PM
Cost: $280.00

The Class: The majority of this class will take place outdoors at the Maple Flower Farm in Bethel, Vermont. This breathtaking flower farm has no shortage of beautiful things to paint!

Whether you are a beginner or a painter with more experience, Maple Flower Farm is the perfect place to delve into Plein air painting. Susannah Gravel will begin each day with a presentation of her working process focused on the two challenges that she considers the biggest impediment to a successful landscape painting. First, how to create atmosphere, and second, how to sculpt the landscape so that the trees seem vertical while the surrounding landscape appears flat.

The attendees will also receive clear guidance on simplifying the landscape expressively. Paint quality, value pattern, and abstraction will all be discussed as valuable tools when used in landscape painting.

The three landscape motifs the class will focus on are floral, a tree, and architecture in the landscape. All proficiency levels are welcome.


Maple Flower Farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Bethel, Vermont. It is a beloved source of beautiful cut flowers, entertaining floral workshops, and delicious maple syrup. The house, barn, and old rock dam were built in 1910. The sugarhouse, greenhouses, event space, and floral workshop were added this century. 

Cory and Liz have lived on the farm for nearly twenty-five years. They are actively chasing their respective passions: crafting pure maple syrup and growing cut flowers. Their syrup is a small batch, wood-fired, and made the old-fashioned way without the use of vacuum pumps or reverse osmosis. The bountiful flower gardens produce high-end cuts for florists and wedding designers across New England.

We welcome you to experience the tranquility of the flower farm. Listen to the babbling brook, the birds singing, and the wind blowing in the trees. Watch the monarch butterflies and the hummingbirds. Relax and enjoy.


Amenities: When you arrive, there will be rows of flowers to see, and Liz will be on hand to tell you about them. English garden roses are among the several types of star flowers on this property, as well as many cottage garden varieties. There are numerous subjects of pottery, tools, statuary, and other architectural elements to pique your creative interest.

The Food: Liz is known as a creative cook that works primarily with locally sourced foods. She will supply nibbling fare throughout the event, including baked goods and healthy snacks, and a selection of cold seltzers and water. Lunch will consist of a lovely sit-down meal with a buffet-style salad bar, complete with fresh vegetables, light proteins, and melt-in-your-mouth goodness to choose from. Nobody will go hungry!

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