Susannah Gravel (Colby)

American, Born 1981

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Susannah was born in the small town of Berlin, Vermont. Her father was a "rolling stone," in the sense that he never quite could settle down in one place. She spent much of her childhood traveling all over the United States with her mother and younger brother; settling briefly in several locations like Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, California and Washington.


When her family moved from place to place they always traveled by automobile. Susannah had an extraordinary exposure to different landscapes and scenery. She was quiet and spent much of her time carefully observing her surroundings. She loved being outdoors as a child and spent a majority of her time hiking trails and mountains, tracking animals, catching amphibians and working in the garden. Her curiosity and many childhood experiences continue to shape the person she is today. She has a passion and love for the outdoors which is evident in her work. 


Susannah has been fortunate enough to travel to Greece, Peru, Scotland and England drawing and painting from historic sites. During the summer of 2012 she lived in Tuscany, Italy in a small village called Borgo San Lorenzo where she took a particular interest in painting in plein air and studied oil painting and art history. She continues to capture the fleeting qualities of light and nature in her work


Susannah is an avid outdoors woman and enjoys trail running, hiking and mountain biking. Much of the inspiration for her paintings comes from the many places she "runs into" (pun intended) on her favorite trails. "Each painting is a record of an adventure I have taken, a challenge I have overcome, a place forever in my heart."